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RelocationsPlus offers services covering the entire relocation process:

Once the foreign assignment has been confirmed, RelocationsPlus will coordinate with the employee and facilitate the initial process of relocation.

RelocationsPlus will make arrangements for the Hotel accommodation and airport transfers. A “Survival Kit” containing pertinent and informative materials will be provided. The Look and See Trip will include area familiarisation; help with the search for accommodation and informational tours. Subjects that are generally relevant to a successful relocation and typical of Singapore life, as well as other topics of importance to the individual employee will also be covered.

As required by the employee, information on schools will be made available and necessary arrangements made for an interview with the school administrator.

During the period when the household goods are in transit between the home country and Singapore, the family is likely to need temporary accommodation until the final move to the leased property in Singapore. RelocationsPlus will arrange for such accommodation in accordance with the employee’s needs and in line with the company’s budget.

With completed Preference Questionnaire and Direct Request Forms, and after confirmation from the company of policy and budget issues, research for accommodation with a reliable licensed Real Estate Agent can begin.

Once a suitable property has been found, RelocationsPlus will confer with the company and the employee and will assist in the rental negotiations to ensure the best possible arrangement for the employee results.

The task of completing an international move can be very chaotic. Using a logical plan and procedure to aid this task can avoid a lot of stress! To assist the employee in this pre-move stage, RelocationsPlus will provide Organisational Checklists and a Transfer Strategy Planner.

RelocationsPlus assists the employee with the inspection of the property. This is organised to determine the contents and condition of the property at hand-over. RelocationsPlus organises the subscriptions for utilities and facilitates the installation of telecommunications services. Before the scheduled move, necessary arrangements will be made to ensure the smooth process of moving in to the new premises.

On the day of the move, RelocationsPlus will be on hand to assist in the process of moving in to the new accommodation.

  • Credit Cards and Bank Accounts
  • Driver’s License
  • Vehicle Purchase or Lease
  • Domestic Help
  • Property Management
  • Furniture
  • Insurance
  • Mobile Phone & Internet
  • Introduction to Social Clubs
  • English Language Courses
  • Immigration & Registration
  • Utility Services

Regular contact will be maintained with the employee for a period of 2 months to ensure that the move has been successful.

One-on-one meetings can be offered to the employee’s spouse to further assist in the relocation process. Feedback is provided to the corporate client on a regular basis including current status and/or any special issues and concerns.