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We specialise in relocating expatriates to Singapore.
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We have multi-lingual staff who are well versed in the cultures of many countries. As specialists, we are comfortable relocating you to Singapore no matter from where you are making the journey. We aim to make moving and settling in to your new home as easy and painless as we can! And we also aim to keep you happy and settled while you are here. We want to help you have fun in your new environment!

"Aller Anfang ist schwer.” (Every new beginning is tough.)
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We are Professional

As a team of professionals, we ensure that our staff maintain professionalism at all times and are experts in their various fields.

A Leading Company

Since having been established in February 2000 we strive to offer most competitive rates and unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Licensed and Certified

Our staff are licensed professionals, able to cater to all your relocation needs.

A Top Provider

We aim to make moving and settling in to your new home and location as easy and painless as we can!


RelocationsPlus offers services covering the entire relocation process:

About Singapore

Singapore is a tropical Island, only a few hundred kilometres north of the equator. It is permanently warm and often humid, a climate which takes some getting used to, but once acclimatised, one that is difficult to leave for the cold snowy winters of the north.

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